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First World War Memorial Window

WW1 Remembrance ‘Poppy’ stained glass window commission

A new stained glass commission for the west window at Saint John’s School Chapel, Leatherhead, Surrey, England 2014 on the centenary of the First World War.

WW1 Remembrance Window

WW1 Remembrance Window

World War 1 Remembrance Memorial Window: Poppies rise and swirl above the cornfield into the vast blue sky. A stained glass window in memory of all those who gave their lives and health in the service of others on the centenary of the beginning of the Great War in 1914, and in particular remembrance of the old pupils of St John’s School who bravely served their country in this time of need.

St Johns WW1 Memorial Poppy window31

Poppy detail from the WW1 memorial west window at St John’s School Chapel, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK.


Dedicated in May 2014 by the Bishop of Guildford, Bishop Ian Brackley. At the dedication ceremony the Headmaster quoted the words of George Herbert, the Anglican priest, poet and divine, that stained glass windows could be of more spiritual value than a sermon. The Headmaster also said these moving words: “stained glass windows are numinous glimpses into the eternal….We ponder the window’s themes of war and its futility, recalling the lives lost by so many in conflicts past and present; and we trust that it will offer to all those who look upon it the opportunity for reflection, remembrance and prayer.”

WW1 memorial Remembrance window at St John's School, Leatherhead, Surrey UK

WW1 memorial Remembrance window at St John’s School, Leatherhead, Surrey UK

This window to the west end of the chapel faces the altar window installed in June 2009, echoing the blues and reds of the Eagle of St John and symbols of the Eucharist. The 37 panels that make up the window measuring 6 metres by 6 metres were designed and created by Jude Tarrant, and the craftsmen of Sunrise Stained Glass at their studio in Hampshire, UK.

Jude says of her work on the Remembrance window “Despite the tragic theme of this window being one of sadness and loss and destruction, I hope that I have made something of beauty that will inspire us all to think with gratitude of the lives that have been lost through wars now and in the past. I would like it to be in some way an uplifting tribute to the best values of selflessness, comradeship, freedom from tyranny, and ultimately of peace and hope for a brighter future, something we can all work for. I do like working on a large scale, and drawing, etching and painting the huge poppies was very joyful work. Poppies are such a vibrant flower but with a delicate paper-like fragility, rather like the glass itself.”


Rich in symbolism, cornfield flowers grow up through the ears of corn.

WW1 Remembrance Poppy Window

The inscription is the praise from Psalm 23, recalling the Presence of God: “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me”.

Inscription from Psalm 23

Inscription from Psalm 23

The Alpha Omega sign is a symbol that includes all our ancestors who have gone before, and stands as a reminder to those who have given their lives for us to have peace and freedom.


Painted etched traditionally leaded glass by glass painter Jude Tarrant. If you would like to see more details and images of this stained glass commission and more of her work, please follow this link.



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