Posted by: Glassartist | February 26, 2014

New Catholic School Windows in Windsor

The new school hall building at Saint Edward’s Catholic First School in Windsor has two stained glass windows to celebrate the school. The contemporary windows are circular, measuring approximately 1.5 m in diameter: at one end of the school hall is the window that depicts the school mission statement “We see Jesus in everything we do” and the four-armed blue cross of the school badge, radiating light.

Facing this is the window of the school badge surrounded by the branches of a great tree where branches support the ten birds that the classes are named for. The birds are hand painted on background colours of pale lilac and pink against dark lilac, purple and turquoise blue glass, and the colours are picked up by the leaves of the tree.

The birds are: sparrow, wren, kingfisher, dove, woodpecker, nightingale, owl, goldfinch, robin and starling.

Catholic school windows Windsor

kingfisher detail of St Edward’s Catholic First School windows

wren detail of St Edward’s Catholic First School windows

Together the windows celebrate the school identity and aims for education through colour and light, whilst forming a focus for worship and prayer.

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