Posted by: Glassartist | November 13, 2013

The ‘earth is the Lord’s’ window

A new stained glass commission.

In illustration of Psalm 24 Vs 1: “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world and everything in it”, a window in celebration of the beauty of nature.


This gloriously colourful new stained glass window commission has been installed in November 2013 at the Anglican church of All Saints, in the country village of Denmead in Hampshire UK.

The tall lancet window sits in a deep recess on the flint knapped west side of the old church, where the afternoon sun streams through the glass and projects a burst of coloured light around the window opening, and quite magical blurry coloured rays across the floor.


The light on a bright day creates an image where it almost appears as though there are two windows adjacent to each other.

The symbolism of the window celebrates the beauty of the natural world and God’s creation, and includes various flora and fauna:

Bee/honey cells; foxgloves; blackberries; hare; thrush; fish; shells; snail; dragonfly; blue tits; butterflies; beetle; vine & corn (references to the Eucharist); harvest mice in nest; squirrel; dog rose; wild bee orchid; foxgloves; snowdrops; bluebells; oak & acorns; and a spider on a web.

Much fine acid-etching work was used on red and blue flashed glass to create the hare and snowdrops and bluebells at the lower part, and the corn nest of the harvest mice towards the top arch.

The whole window is traditionally leaded from etched and painted full antique hand-blown glass, using kiln-fired oxide pigments and silver stain for the painted decoration of the glass, by stained glass artist Jude Tarrant and the Sunrise Stained Glass studio.

Signed with a personal dedication ‘Ad majoram Dei gloriam’.

Visitors to the church will also be able to enjoy the east windows by artist Alan Younger in the recently reordered chancel. There is an album set of our recent photos of these windows at if you are unable to visit the church and view the window itself.

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