Posted by: Glassartist | August 31, 2011

School Stained Glass

Bedenham Primary School, Gosport.

Client: Commissioned by the Architect for Hampshire County Council Neville Churcher and installed in January 2011.

The Robin and Kingfisher windows are located in the reception area of the Primary school.

The windows welcome pupils and staff alike on entering the school, bringing light and colour to the interior of the space.

The sun window and moon window were created to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity to two ‘mood rooms’ designed as a ‘chill out’ space for the children. The cool blues and greens and purples of the moon flood one of the quiet rooms with soothing colour. The warmer sun window lifts moods with bright bold yellows, oranges and reds by Lamberts, Tatra and St Just. Both windows use traditional leading techniques and mouth blown full antique glass with kiln fired painted oxide pigments and sand blasted decoration.

As archetypal symbols of day and night, male, female and activity and wisdom, these windows are easily interpreted by the children. The experience of colour and light are beyond words and used here as either soothing and calming, or enlivening and joyful, the ‘mood’ windows can have a very strong influence to shift the emotions to a more positive state.

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