Posted by: Glassartist | July 14, 2010

Chichester Cathedral Flower Festival

PARADISE in Flowers

The theme for the 2010 Festival of Flowers at Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex, England was ‘Paradise’ and there was no doubt that this graceful building was transformed in splendid magnificence by the beautiful displays.

The beginning of June has marked the eighth return of the Flower Festival to the cathedral, a biennial event eagerly anticipated by the thousands of regular visitors. Each display is inspired by its location within the cathedral and by a piece of poetry.

Sunrise Stained Glass has been working for more than 25 years on a rolling program of restoration to the stained and leaded glass windows at Chichester Cathedral, including the complete restoration of the clerestory windows, the windows to the Tower and Palantine Chapel, the Cloisters and both North and South Transepts.

We have also restored all of the windows to the South Aisle and the Lady Chapel windows by Clayton & Bell. There have also been many other smaller restorations to damage to the windows of the North Aisle and the detailed restoration of two badly vandalized stained glass windows in the cloister.

Cleaned Chagall Window

The Chagall window has recently been expertly cleaned and conserved by Sunrise Stained Glass studio  and the predominantly red glass in Chichester Cathedral’s window now glows with fresh colour.

Chagall window flower display

The Poem chosen for this Chagall Window floral display location was  ‘I Remember, I Remember’ by Christina Rosetti and the vibrant colours of the flowers perfectly echoed the stained glass window.


The large South Transept window (completely restored in 2002) was decorated with ‘A Subaltern’s Love Song’ by Sir John Betjemen………….

………….and the North Transept with the enchanting story of the ‘Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear. The tableau even included a real pea-green boat, in a sea of white crested flower waves, and of course the jar of honey wrapped up in five pound note.

Facing the South Transept windows the displays continued to amaze and delight.

Lilies and foxtails adorned the tomb of the Bishop Robert Stratford with ‘Diary of a Church Mouse’ by John Betjemen.

The photo below shows the Nave from the West Door entrance, and the hanging ‘chandeliers’ of floral art suspended from the roof.

Follow this link to see more details of the restoration of the stained glass windows at Chichester Cathedral.  If you require expert advice on the care and conservation of stained glass and leaded windows please contact John Tarrant on Tel: 023 92750512 or email Our website details many other restoration projects and new stained glass commissions.

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