Posted by: Glassartist | February 22, 2010

‘God is Love’ Stained Glass Window

The entrance to St Colman’s Church, Portsmouth, has been enhanced by this new window which celebrates that ‘God is Love’.

The new stained glass window in the Porch, in memory of parishioner John Higgins, was blessed by Fr Sean Tobin at Sunday Mass on 21st February 2010.

Fr Sean said ‘The branches of the olive trees in the windows highlight our connection with God of love, and that we are all anointed in His love with the oil of the olive tree.’

The new three – light window uses mouth-blown antique glass in the Mediterranean colours of azure blue, cobalt blue, and turquoise in the background with painted detail of olives and olive tree branches surrounding the central window of the words ‘God is Love’ in rich hues of red to pale yellow. This contemporary window welcomes all into the church and invites a mood for quiet contemplation of the sunny olive groves where Jesus Himself once walked.

The window was designed and made by specialist stained glass studio Sunrise Stained Glass Ltd, and for enquiries regarding new commissions please contact John Tarrant on +44 023 9275 0512 to discuss your project. Or see for more details of our stained glass work.  View this new porch window here  and more new contemporary stained glass at St Colman’s here.


  1. The design end execution of your contemporary work is outstanding. I wish there was a way we could colaborate. We are in Milwaukee WI, USA.
    Have you ever done any affilated work in the United States? We respect and enjoy your efforts.

    Thank You!
    Enterprise Art Glass Works Inc.

  2. John Higgins was my grandfather and the window is beautiful and I know he would have loved it! Thank you so much for created something so beautiful.

  3. I am so glad you like the windows, I feel they really greet you into the church now as you enter. ‘God is Love’ is the most sublime thought to bring to mind, so I am happy to have had this opportunity to create these memorial windows on this theme.

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