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Stained Glass of the Rosary

Mystery of Light – The Marriage at Cana

A new stained glass window on the theme of the ‘Luminous Mystery’ or ‘Mystery of Light’ has been celebrated and dedicated at St Colman’s Church, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire UK.

The Marriage feast at Cana

The Marriage feast at Cana

The window is modern in design but uses traditional stained glass techniques and materials in its construction. The newly commissioned stained glass window is the work of Sunrise Stained Glass and glass artist Jude Tarrant AMGP. Jude works with hand-made antique glass and painted kiln fired pigments and silver stain to achieve subtle graduations of colours, tone and detail. Although the subject is mainly figurative the design is semi – abstract and uses a palette of blues and reds, rich in symbolism appropriate to this theme.

Jesus at Cana new stained glass window

Design Description: The theme of the new stained glass window of the Manifestation of Jesus at Cana is one of abundance and joy; the mystery of Christ’s transformation of the water into wine, and the fidelity of marriage and the strength and unity of the family.

Mary acts as intercessor and Jesus responds with an act of compassion and a sign pointing to the future time of the message of the Last Supper and the Eucharist. He holds a cup, a plain earthenware cup of the type that would have been set upon the table at the marriage feast. He gestures at the water jars, and this is the moment of glorious transformation, of water into wine. The red of the wine flows down from the six jars and surrounds and fills the space with warmth and plenty. The words ‘You have kept the best until now’ emerge from the blue of Mary at the top of the lancet window.


The lower part of the window is the marriage scene, with an elderly married couple embracing in joy and central to the table of family members and friends who surround them – an abundance of love in the family. The circular arrangement of the wedding feast suggests completeness and unity.

The blue colour of Mary is echoed in the colour of the water flowing from above and as Mary’s blessing and protection to the gathering of the family and community at the feast below. The interweaving of both the purple/red of Christ and the blue of Mary unite the themes of the story, and link the whole window into one flowing rhythm of life and love.


At the foot of the window in glass of rich red and ambers the text celebrates the Hudson family, parishioners at the church since 1929.

‘Luminous Mystery’ stained glass – Dedication sermon by Fr Sean Tobin.

“Those who attend St Colman’s church must surely have noticed the new stained glass window. The window depicts the Marriage Feast at Cana, from the ‘Mysteries of Light’, the newer mysteries of the Rosary. In the window we see the large figure of Jesus, surrounded by the stone water jars as He transforms the water into wine. Power is poured into Him from above, and that power comes out of Him too, in order for Him to perform this great sign. Jesus is still clothed in the mantle of His mother Mary, symbolized by the blue He wears, for it was Mary who made Him aware of the needs of the people as she said to Him, ‘they have no wine’. At the bottom of the window we see the wedding feast in full flow as the young couple sit surrounded by their family and friends. Then below that is the young couple grown in years, still bonded together by the love they still share. Use the windows to aid your prayer, and know Mary still intercedes for us as we long for the wine of peace.” The transformation of the water into wine is marked by the words at the top of the window ‘You have kept the best until now’.

Rosary stained glass window

This is the fifth of six modern windows of stained glass of the Rosary ‘Mystery of Light’ or ‘Luminous Mystery’ at St Colman’s Catholic Church. If you would like to see some of our other windows of contemporary design and stained glass of the Rosary windows follow this link….

If you are interested in commissioning a new stained glass window and would like to discuss your project please call us on +44 (0)23 9275 0512.


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