Posted by: Glassartist | June 8, 2009

Stained Glass Window Restoration

Restoration of Stained Glass Windows

  Sunrise Stained Glass studio has been involved in the conservation, restoration, and protection of the stained glass windows of many historic buildings in Britain, however the largest of these projects has been at Chichester Cathedral West Sussex, UK. 

Stained glass angel from Chichester Cathedral

 The cathedral at Chichester in West Sussex was founded in 1075 and is in the Early English (Early Gothic) style with Romanesque (Norman) arcades.  Although little medieval stained glass survived the Protestant Reformation there is some fine Victorian stained glass, notably the Lady Chapel windows by Clayton & Bell of 1882.  A window by the modern artist Marc Chagall is adjacent to the Lady Chapel. 

North Transept of Chichester Cathedral under restoration


 Work has progressed around the Cathedral over a twenty year period, starting in the North Transept where the large leaded windows were removed from the masonry, dismantled, cleaned and releaded and refitted with new ferramenta (this is the metal support framework set in to the masonry).  Since then the towers (Chichester is the only cathedral to have a separate bell tower, like a campanile), West Window, South Aisle and Clerestory windows have all been restored, and the great stained glass window of the South Transept.   

South Transept Chichester Cathedral restored by Sunrise Stained Glass


Restoration work was recently completed to the Lady Chapel, adjacent to the North Transept where our work originally began two decades ago.

 Many of the windows in our local churches and cathedrals have been subject to centuries of weather damage by storm, frost, sun and more recently atmospheric pollution from industrial processes.  Religious conflicts have caused the destruction of many fine windows and also the removal of genuine medieval glass by Victorian architects and glaziers to make way for glass in the ‘new style’ of Neo-Gothic.  Recent wars have also taken their toll, and vandalism is a modern day threat to windows of all kinds.  Even poor standards of previous repairs have caused damage to many fine windows.  

 The complexity of the causes of deterioration of historic stained glass windows and the range of suitable methods and approaches to their conservation and restoration calls for the highest standards of craftsmanship and experience.  

Within the Anglican Church the local Diocesan Advisory Council will be able to make suitable recommendations, also the Council for the Care of Churches, English Heritage, Ecclesiastical Insurers and many local authorities hold a directory of approved contractors.

 At Sunrise Stained Glass Ltd. we have a continuous program of restoration and repairs to many churches, cathedrals and chapels and other public buildings throughout the south and west of England and home counties, details of which may be found on our main website and if you would like to discuss a restoration project with us then please telephone John Tarrant on +44 (0)23 9275 0512.



  1. Nice to see someone still has the skill and care to repair these wonderful pieces.

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